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Aptos High School Scoreboard: April 1 2016

Published Friday April 8

Photo: Tpgonlinedaily

( Aptos four – Santa Cruz Mon Mar 2 22, Hm*)

( Santa Teresa three – Aptos Tue Mar 1 18, Away)

Aptos Season Record:

Aptos 213 – Scotts Valley 223

Aptos Stats: Max Meltzer 34

Aptos 172 – SLV 196

Aptos Stats: Max Meltzer thirty Santiago, Chile, Renteria 32, Drew Stilwell 35

Aptos 208 – Soquel 295

Aptos 208 – Harbor 221

Aptos Stats: Max Meltzer 36, Jeffrey Lee fourty

Aptos Season Record:

( Aptos def Mount Madonna Mon Mar 2 22, A*)

( Aptos def Harbor Wed Dec 31 1969, Away*)

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